Tree Damage from Ice Storms – Why You Should Care

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We are entering one of the most pleasant times of the year. Leaves are starting to fall, and the temperatures are becoming cooler by the week. It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer… but it won’t last long. Winter is just around the corner, bringing with it all the hazards of winter storms. If you’re a homeowner, now is the time to make sure that all the trees on your property are prepared to handle what’s coming. Avoid tree damage from ice storms with proactive tree inspections.


Why Should You Be Concerned?


Each year, falling trees and limbs cause millions of dollars in property damage. Strong winds, ice, and snow accumulation will pose a challenge to healthy trees, and can be devastating to weak or damaged ones.

Ice and snow can increase the weight of a single limb by 30 times, more than enough to bring down any weak trees or branches. And when they come down, they have a nasty tendency of landing on things we value. You might think, “Well, that’s what homeowners insurance is for, right?” Not always. If the insurer determines that a tree had pre-existing damage, they can and will hold you responsible. That’s why it’s important to have your property inspected by a tree service professional before the catastrophe occurs.


Avoid Tree Damage From Ice Storms


Start by visually assessing the trees on your property. Looks for things like uneven growth, dead limbs, or rot in the trunk and/or roots. If you see any of these things, there’s a good chance that your tree may pose a risk. Call a tree service professional to safely and effectively remove the problem.

The most effective thing you can do to avoid tree damage from ice storms is have your property assessed by a licensed tree service professional. Weakened or hazardous trees are not always obvious, and a trained eye is often necessary to spot them. We recommend getting multiple quotes from different providers, and always check the reviews. If you are thinking about hiring a professional, check our our 5 Simple Tips for Choosing a Tree Service.

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