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Hazardous Tree and Stump Removal

In a city with all four seasons that is tucked between mountains and not far from the shore, extreme weather conditions are almost a guarantee. Thunderstorms or ice storms can cause major damage to your trees. High winds or heavy ice can break tree limbs or topple large trees onto your property or even your home. In the event that a storm takes place and you have a tree hazard, Kerwin Tree Service provides tree and stump removal for clients throughout Southern Maryland.

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a hazardous job in the hands of an amateur, especially trees that are close to your home. We have extensive experience carefully removing trees from delicate or seemingly inaccessible places. An estimator will discuss with you the safest method for removing your tree and give you a free written proposal with specifications and price.

Pruning Services

Pruning your trees on a regular basis keeps them healthy and beautiful. There are many different tree-trimming methods for different species of trees, and for how you want your trees to grow.

Stump Removal

Different sized machines are available to handle stumps that are extremely large, are located on a sloped hill, or a stump that is wedged in a narrow surrounding. With top-of-the-line Vermeer stump grinding machines, We can remove any unsightly stump from anywhere on your property. Leave the tree stump wood chips piled up to re-use as mulch, or have us haul them away for an extra charge.

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